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I need to clarify a statement I have made on a number of occasions over the last month or so. I would also like to apologize for any misunderstanding or confusion these statements have caused. The statement I have made is “we are going to start Internet only auctions in the near future”. Please let me clarify. The term “Internet only auction” is one of several terms used to describe a “type” of auction. It DOES NOT mean that Internet auctions are the only type of auction that we will conduct in the future. It simply means that in addition to our regular in-house auctions where people come to our auction facility and bid in person in what is termed a “live” auction, we are going to start conducting “Internet” only auctions where the only way to bid on items in that auction is by placing a bid by using the Internet. For those that would like to bid on an item that is in an “Internet” only auction and don’t have access to a computer or the Internet, they will be able to place a bid by coming to the auction facility and placing that bid with our staff.

To summarize we will continue to have “live” in-house auctions, but will add additional “Internet” auctions. If you have any questions or items you would like to consign please contact me at 785-224-4492.


Upcoming Consignment & Estate Auctions

January 3
January 17
January 31

RJ's complete door-to-auction floor services include:

- Antique, Estate, and General Consignment Auctions
- Business Liquidations
- Real Estate
- Pick-up of items, cleaning, packing, and itemized receipts
- On-site auctions

Our mission is to assist individuals and businesses through the transitions of life, whether these transitions require the liquidation or the acquisition of assets.

For more information regarding our services and how we can assist you through your transitions please contact Rick Garvin, owner and senior auctioneer.

A buyer’s premium between 2.5% and 10% will be charged depending on the purchase price of each item you purchase.

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Rick Garvin 
CAI, GPPA, CES, ATS, Auctioneer