Attachment I List of Items That Usually Sells Well at Auction


The following is a list of items that our years of experience in the auction profession have proven to usually sell well.


  Firearms shotguns, rifles, and pistols                            

  Power tools less the five years old                                                           

  Various electronic less than one year old             

  Good quality area rugs in good condition                       

  Gold & silver American coins and older U.S. & Confederate currency                         

  Vehicles in good working condition

  Quality costume jewelry

  Estate jewelry

  Antique kerosene and oil lamps / lanterns

  Vacuums and floor cleaners less than 2-years old

  Safes of various sizes

  Powered lawn and garden equipment in good working condition less than 5-years old

  Certain types of exercise equipment in good working condition and in season

  Washers, electric dryers, freezers, refrigerators, electric stoves less than 10-years old


         Most of the name brand pottery, such as Shawnee, McCoy, Hull, VanBriggle, and Roseville still are bringing decent money. Overall most pottery has lost some of its value over the last few years; however, prices are still fairly strong for good pieces.

         Antiques, collectibles, and primitive items are down from what they sold for a few years ago usually do well.  Just a few examples are oak furniture, crocks and stoneware, antique or primitive kitchen items, quilts, Depression era glassware, Fenton and Carnival Glass, some china, curio and china cabinets, and pie safes.

         Due to the economy most household furniture is bringing less than the same item would have brought a few years ago. This would include sofas, recliners, easy chairs, table and chairs, hutches, dressers, chest-of-drawers, and mattress sets.

         Newer electronic games such as XBOX, Nintendo, Game Boy, Play Station 2, Play Station 3, and computer systems have all seen a decline in prices due in part to the economy and in part due to prices for new units being reduced by retailers.