Attachment II – “List of Items Not Suitable for Auction”

The following is a more detailed list of items that we usually do not accept for consignment based on our past experience of seventeen years in the auction business. There is a significant difference between an item being an antique or collectible, and an item just being old. We will usually accept antiques and collectibles regardless of age.

- Electronic items 10-years old or older - Metal desks and large wood desks
- Stuffed figurines - Old toys not consider collectible
- Old office chairs – either wood or metal - Mirrors with or without frames 
- Mirrors off old dressers  - Full-length mirrors
- Most lamps  - Miscellaneous pressed glassware
- Sewing machine cabinets  - Shoe and clothing stands 
- Sewing machines in wood cabinet - Furniture that is more than ten-years old
- Tupperware  - Computer monitors (by themselves)
- Garment bags or zip-up storage bags  - Older luggage
- Used bathroom vanities and sinks - Fruit jars 
- Used shower doors - Used windows, doors, storm doors 
- Toilet risers, older shower seats, foot baths - Patterns and pieces of fabric
- Most books - Older vacuums and floor cleaners
- Older bed frames and head / foot boards - Water beds of any kind
- Popcorn and candy tins - Soda and beer bottles
- Soda and beer cans - Avon jars and bottles
- Used light fixtures and ceiling fans  - Typewriters and word processors
- Console TVs & TVs not HD ready - Upright pianos and organs
- Gas dryers (either propane or natural gas) - Gas stoves more than 5-years old

Please understand that we are not saying these items are worthless. The chance of selling these items for enough money to justify the amount of time and expense that it takes to prepare and sell them is remote. If the items do not sell, I have to pay to dispose of them.

Our personnel will screen items as they arrive to eliminate those items that, we believe, for one reason or another are unsuitable for auction. When items are consigned and do not sell they will be disposed of and a disposal fee charged to the consignor. In order to avoid the disposal fee you must inform RJ’s Auction Service at the time the item(s) are consigned that you wish to pick up any unsold item(s). You must pick up the unsold item(s) no later than the close of business on the Tuesday following the auction. Failure to pick the unsold item(s) up by the designated time will result in a fee of $10.00 (ten-dollars) per day to cover storage costs. If the item(s) are not picked up within 10 days from the date of the auction any unsold item(s) will be disposed of and the consignor will be charged a storage fee and a disposal fee. A check due the consignor for the item(s) that sold will not be issued until the issue of any unsold item(s) has been resolved.